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What Are The High Quality Features Of The Tube Clamp?
- Dec 06, 2018 -

1. Because the closed-hole structure of PIR Leng To is better than the general polyurethane tubing adiabatic in the process of use

2. The tubing of polyurethane raw materials is much lighter than the tubing component of other raw materials 

3. Pir Leng To The compressive strength of the large Pir Bao Leng To is in the traditional molded polyurethane tubing on the basis of improved technological innovation, and then reached the flame retardant effect of the new thermal insulation data, PIR cold pipe holding not only has the traditional polyurethane tubing thermal conductivity of small thermal insulation effect, light raw materials and other characteristics , but also to make up for the traditional polyurethane tube flame retardant poor and other short plate, but also because of its production cost than the same type of flame retardant data on the market is much lower, is the production of manufacturing professional ambition insulation data.