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U-Tube Clips Need To Be Checked And Replaced On Time
- Dec 06, 2018 -

1, each run 12000km for level two maintenance, should disassemble the engine oil sump, check the use of the engine shaft, if found that the gap between individual bearings is too large, should be replaced, replacement should also be replaced.

Normal operation if found that the engine operation is not smooth, there are different ringing, should also be timely parking inspection.

2, each maintenance should be the new replacement U-Tube clip for inspection, should pay attention to the head of the Bolt, the guide part, the threaded parts of whether there are cracks or dents, threaded tooth shape, pitch is abnormal, abnormal situation should be determined not to use.

3, the assembly of connecting rod cover, the application of torque wrench, in accordance with the prescribed standards of tightening, to prevent the torque is too large, too small. 

4, the selection of supporting plant production of U-Tube clip.

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