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The Growth Process Of Steel Pipe Clamp
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Since 1953, the United States red Valve company has invented the manufacture of pinch valves (pinch valve), using materials from world-class suppliers such as DuPont (DuPont), Fairstone (Firestone) and Goodyear (Goodyear), Through the red Valve's own rubber synthesis technology and synthetic fiber technology perfect combination, began to promote this high wear-resistant, 0 fault valve products to the market. The American Red valve creates the only valve in the world that can stabilize the control of coal slime for its first slime pipeline.

Today, the U.S. red Valve has a customer service network in 175 cities in 75 countries around the world. Clamping valve (pinch valve) into China is a matter of recent years, from strange to gradually accepted, this cost-effective, can withstand the harsh environment of the valve has been widely used in the country. The international production of clamping valve well-known manufacturers are not too many.

Now in the domestic can buy and sell the United States Red valve (redvalve), Finland Flowrox (formerly larox,2012 renamed Flowrox), Germany Ako and so on, red valve is set up an office in China. With it comes the domestic trial imitation. At present, there are many large and small manufacturers to launch the pinch valve, with ultra-low prices quickly occupied some markets, to just contact with this valve users brought some misconceptions, such as: clamping valve service life is too short, usually a few months pipe cover is broken, or even a month of bad, its mastery of rubber process is not enough to produce high wear resistance, High corrosion resistance, long life of rubber pipe sleeve. According to the research, the earliest batch is still there. Even the most common imported clamping valves have a much longer average service life than at home. Of course, users in the choice can be based on the actual situation, after all, imported valve products relative to the price is higher.