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How The Tube Clamp Should Be Installed
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Before the device is installed on the welding plate, in order to determine the direction of the clamp very well, it is advocated that the symbol should be done well in the fixed place first, welded on the rear weld, embedded in the lower half of the tube clamping body, put on the pipe that needs to be fixed. Then put the other half of the tube clamp and cover plate and tighten it with screws. Do not directly weld the bottom plate of the tube clip that has been fitted. On the ground Guide rail, the guide rail can be welded on the basis, or fixed with screws, and then push the guide rail nut into the rail, and turn 90 degrees, the next half tube clamping body embedded nut, put on the need to fix the pipe, and then put half the tube clamp and cover, with screws fixed. Stacking device, guide rail can be welded on the basis, or with screws fixed, first loaded up and down half tube clamping body, put on the need for fixed pipe and put on half a tube clamping body, with screws fixed, through the anti-loose cover plate to avoid its transformation. Then install the second tube clip, the method is the same as above. Pipe bending device, device bending pipe, should be directly in the front and rear of the bend pipe with stedi tube clamp fixed. It is argued that such a support point should be a fixed orientation.