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Product characteristics of stainless steel pipe clamp
- Dec 06, 2018 -

1, Chemical Analysis: Chemical analysis of the chemical composition of the material, chemical composition in line with the standard requirements.

2, air pressure. Hydraulic test on the pressure-resistant pipe into the water pressure test, in the specified pressure value does not remain less than 5 seconds, do not leak, the conventional supply of hydraulic pressure test for 2.45MPa. The pneumatic pressure test is P=0.5MPAA.

3, Corrosion test: The industrial corrosion-resistant steel pipe are in accordance with the standard provisions or the two sides of the agreement of the corrosion method of steel pipe corrosion resistance test, there must be no intergranular corrosion tendency. 

4, Process performance test: Flattening test. Tensile test. Impact test. Expansion test. Hardness test. metallographic test. Bending test. Nondestructive testing (including eddy current flaw detection). X-ray flaw detection and ultrasonic flaw detection).

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