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Introduction of pipe clamp varieties
- Dec 06, 2018 -

1, Plastic pipe clip: it is necessary for each manufacturer to have a big gram of injection molding machine, stamping machine, CNC machine tools, forging machine equipment, the primary plastic pipe clip is divided into plastic parts, upper and lower cover plate, screw nut, plastic body according to customer demand for different types of injection molding out, surface lubrication, selection of plastic particles tensile, hardness, anti , the upper and lower cover plate is made by the press, and then in the galvanized, screws are made with CNC machine tools, and then galvanized, and then through the skills of workers to the pipe clamp combined packaging. 

2, aluminum alloy pipe clamp: aluminum alloy tube clip and plastic pipe clip produced at roughly the same, the primary tube clamp is made of aluminum alloy, then the selection of equipment is the first to use aluminum alloy injection Jin Jing hit out. 

3, U-Tube clamp: The first use of equipment is forging machine, CNC machine tool equipment, the first to select high-quality carbon steel, to bake on the oven to a certain extent with the forging machine for bending to U-shaped, and then galvanized. 

4, flat steel pipe clip: The same as U-Tube clamp practice.