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Can the arrangement of the hard pipe pipe cushion the vibration with the pipe clamp?
- Dec 06, 2018 -

1, steel pipe length to be short, pipe diameter to be appropriate, too high flow rate will lose energy. 

2, two fixed point between the connection, should avoid tightening, must have a loose bend part.  As shown in the figure, it is not suitable for loading and unloading, nor does it cause serious tensile stress due to thermal expansion and contraction. 

3, the bending pipe radius of the steel pipe should be as large as possible, its minimum bending radius is about 2.5 times times the outer diameter of the steel pipe. The straight pipe part should be set aside at the end of the pipe, which is more than twice times the height of the fitting nut. As shown in the Figure 

4, the main failure type of the hard tube for mechanical vibration caused by fatigue failure, so when the pipeline is long, need to add pipe clamp support, not only can buffer vibration, but also reduce noise. In the pipe with bending pipe, the support pipe clamp should be fixed at both ends of the bend pipe, and the pipe clamp should be supported at the end of the hard pipe when connected with the hose.

5. Do not use too many 90-degree curved steel tubes when avoiding obstacles. The pressure drop of the fluid through a 90 degree bending tube is larger than that of the bending tube after two 45 degrees. 

6, when arranging the pipeline, try to keep the pipeline away from the parts that need to be repaired frequently. 

7, pipeline arrangement should be orderly, neat, easy to find fault, maintenance and repair.